Helpful Links for Residents

Whether you're a new homeowner or you are well established, there's always so much to do at home. 

Courtesy Property Management has created a helpful links page to help simplify your life.  

"No need to drive across town or waste time surfing the net". 

Just click on the logo for the company or institute you need and it takes you straight onto the page where you can get the tasks done. 



Save our “Helpful Links” page to your “Favorites”, then use it daily to:

  •  Get the utilities connected, disconnected, paid, do a balance inquiry or set-up a service call.
  •  Transfer important prescriptions to your favorite pharmacy.  
  •  Read your favorite local newspaper 
  •  Have your mail and newspaper subscriptions forwarded. 
  •  Check the weather or traffic reports. 
  •  Check Sun Pass balance.
  •  Keep tab on your child's school lunch menu.
  •  Clip coupons for your favorite supermarket.
  •  Start a Neighborhood Watch.
  •  Check sexual offenders/predators list in your area.
  •  Obtain Miami-Dade Transit Schedules
 and so much more!





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  GOVERMENT AGENCIES & DEPARTMENTS                             

  SCHOOLS & COLLEGES                                                                                      

  WEATHER & TRAFFIC                                                                   


  HOME IMPROVEMENT                                         

 SUPERMARKETS  AND WHOLESALE CLUBS #Supermarket                                                                  



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